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A consultation may be an individual appointment to get a quote or combined with your 1 st appointment where the 1st Impressions are taken.


This is where Landon will discuss with you your denture needs and figure out what type of denture will suit you?


At this appointment we provide you with a quote for your new dentures and if needed, we can include the item numbers associated so that you can contact your health fund before making a decision to go ahead.

1st Impressions

1st Impressions

1st Appointment


At your first appointment we take impressions of your remaining teeth or make a model of the inside of your existing dentures to get the basic shape of your mouth.


If this impression worries you because of past experiences, just remember that products have improved over the years and Landon has a few tricks up his sleeve for those of you who fight the old ‘Gag Reflex’.


Once the model is made from these impressions we make a ‘Special Tray’.

Special Tray

Special Tray

2nd Appointment


At your ‘Special Tray’ appointment we take another impression using the custom made tray that we made after your 1st appointment.


This tray is unique to you so that we can get a much more accurate impression. The improved accuracy assists us throughout the construction process to get a better fit with your new dentures.


You will find that this impression is a lot more comfortable and doesn’t take as long.



3rd Appointment


At your ‘Bite’ appointment, we are looking for your natural bite position. We use a wax shape to record impressions left by your existing teeth.


It is very important at this stage that you relax and not over think how you are biting. The information we collect at this stage decides how we set up your teeth for your next appointment.


Don’t worry though, as your bite will be checked again at that appointment


Sometimes we may even take another impression at this stage to use for teeth size and positioning.


* Note: sometimes we may be able to skip this appointment.



4th Appointment


At your ‘Try’ appointment, we get to see what your dentures will look like. The teeth that will be in your finished denture are set up in wax shaped like your finished dentures. This allows us to cut or reshape it to make if comfortable.


We check the size, colour, bite and overall look of you denture. This is the perfect appointment to bring a trusted love one with you for a second opinion.


Once you and Landon are happy with the design of your dentures we set a finish date.


* Note: an additional appointment may be inserted here should major changes be required before processing to the final stage.



5th Appointment


This is the day you get to take your new dentures home!


Landon will fit your new denture and recheck that it is sitting comfortably in your mouth.


Sometimes you may need to return for an adjustment. Just like a new pair of leather shoes, there is sometimes a wearing in period where small areas rub. Just remember we are here to help.


At the end your appointment, don’t forget to give Wendy a big smile when you come out! She looks forward to seeing the finished product and will have a denture care sheet to give you before you leave.